Grouper/Red Snapper soup....yum!

Discussion in '360 Degrees Lounge' started by STx Fisherman, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. STx Fisherman

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    Had some grouper and red snapper from the Big E trip and wanted to make some's what I did....

    I took a big piece of grouper backbone, a grouper throat and a red snapper throat to make the stock for a really tasty soup tonight.

    I added salt, pepper, parsley, ginger root pieces, bay leaves and a whole chopped onion to the stock. (You should strain the fish stock before adding the herbs and spices to get bones, scales and cartliage out of the soup). I cooked some Jasmine rice in fish stock and added some chunks of grouper and snapper into the soup.

    When serving, I placed some diced tomatoes, chopped green onion, a little more parsley, a slice of lemon and cubes of avocado at the bottom of a bowl. I then ladled the fish stock and chunks over the items in the bowl and served it piping hot. With a squeeze of lemon over the soup....I was in fish soup heaven. Great stuff!!
  2. papio

    papio Senior Member

    thanks STx, I also love fish soup using grouper and snapper. delicious when steam too. will try yours.

  3. fathom

    fathom Lifetime Supporting Members

    sounds great!
    try lemon grass and kefir lime leaf available at asian stores, subsitute for the bay leaf and lemon juice.
  4. fishologist

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    you grill up those ribs, we grilled up some warsaw ribs off a fish i got on our last 30 hr and man they were good
  5. STx Fisherman

    STx Fisherman Senior Member

    I've used lemon grass before....but...what is kefir?
    Made more soup tonight....dropped a bag of Zatarain's crab boil into the soup that I made good!

    I thought about grilling the ribs...but we had lots of fish to clean and didn't make time to carve them out.
  6. mikew

    mikew SPONSOR

    I am not a big soup eater, but that soup sounds great. I think I would llike too have a bowl of that on a cold winter weekend when it's too rough to get offshore.........
  7. Bret

    Bret Senior Member

    Richard, That does sound good.. the last fish soup I had was in Costa Rica..
    We caught a big cow dorado that was full of eggs and had the ladies at the bar make us some fish egg soup.. That was prettty well(after you got used to the texture of the fish eggs.