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I could be wrong but the wreck rig diagram the OP posted is a disaster waiting to happen around a wreck or on live bottom. IMO it would take a lot of luck to feel the bite with 40 - 60 feet of leader off that swivel, not to mention that with a bait big enough to swim while hooked on your leader it will wrap the leader up on the bottom or the bait will swim into bottom structure. On top of that you probably have to lower that terminal rig like you are sword fishing to prevent a rats nest of tangles with the live bait 40 feet above the sinker twisting all the way down. Changing the numbers on that rig set up will make it work much better, 3 feet of #20 monofilament to the sinker (sinkers are usually what hangs up on bottom so this makes it break away if needed) and a 4 - 6 foot leader to the hook. Personally I use a Carolina rig shallow and deep unless I'm deep dropping with multiple hook rigs.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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