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I recently saw a show on the Food Network that featured a silicone grill mat called GrillMat that you put on the grill to grill fish, vegetables or anything that might fall through the grates.

I ended up buying one and grilled up some snapper tonight on it. The grill mat is completely non-stick and has a few small holes in it to allow air/heat passage. You can use heat up to 500 degrees without hurting it.

I spiced the fish with Cavenders, Essence of Emeril, and Chef Paul Prudhomme's blackened redfish spice. After spicing both sides....I poured olive oil on the spice and painted both sides very well. I added a chunk of mesquite on the gas grill to get that mesquite smoked flavor. The fish came out great!!

The mat performed well....no flare-ups that I usually get with fish painted with olive oil. The snapper falls apart when flipping but on the mat...you don't lose anything through the grates. After using it, it cleaned up very easily.

I just thought I would pass it on for those of you that like to grill your fish as I do.
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