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i'm going to put this report here because i hope to get a fishing trip out of this.

what a mess! we had only monday to repack after getting back so late from alaska. i got a call from my mother in law saying that my 89 year old father in law had fallen and could not get up. he landed hard on the side walk and banged up his left cheek and elbow after tripping on his shoe laces. spend the morning in the hospital, then babysat the kids for rest of the day while my wife spent the afternoon with her dad. we finally got him admitted, my wife's sister arrived and took over, and we finished packing for hawaii. he's bruised, but not beaten.....

tuesday morning, we're ready to roll......

it was a 5 hour flight. piece of cake with a video player.

meet my 10 year old, christina.....

and her friend from japan, misato.

welcome to hawaii!

a quick shuttle ride to avis and we're on the road.

a quick ride out of town and north to waialua.



jesse lovett is the owner of chupu charters in haleiwa. he helped set us up with this house. it's a great little place, complete with it's own guard dog. meet harry!!!!!!!!!!


the house looks out on the water. pretty windy this afternoon.


back to the house to unpack.



first stop was aoki's for shave ice.



i saw this place and had to stop.


meet barry sweet. he owns the place with shawn anguay. forgot the name of the kid in the back. barry was working on a penn spinner with a bad bearing.





our first dinner on the island was at haleiwa joe's. jesse suggested it. really nice place. we got there at 5pm (8pm california time) and was too early for dinner. we ended up ordering 6 appetizers, which worked out just fine.



back at the house, we walked the beach and watched the turtles pop up and down.




my new best buddy.....


g'night, guys!


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As usual you give a great report.
Brown Chessies like Harry love sweets as a rule.

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North shore! Dom Yangs in wahiwha for family style korean, unchanged since the 50's..... don't forget pipeline,uhula fishing..... hanama bay on the other end...snorkle,snorkle,snorkle...

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For those of you that have never visited Hawaii. Alan is on the island Oahu. It is the home of Pearl Harbor and Honolulu. It is the only island that might be able to support itself if there was no tourism. "H1" is the only highway on any of the Hawaii islands. He is staying on the North Shore line which is famous for surfing.

Alan, if you have time, you might spend a day at the Polynesian Culture Center. It's like a theme park. If I could stand a day there, (I get bored easily) you and your family surely can do it. It's worth it. It really teaches you about the Polynesian way of life via Brigham Young University students that run the theme park.

Also, if you have time, don't forget a trip to the Arizona at Pearl Harbor. It's a must for any true blooded American. You will sit in a movie theater and watch a 30 minute movie about WWII and Pearl Harbor. Then you board a boat for a ride to the Arizona. It's worth the flight to Oahu. I don't think a single person leaves that tour without getting teary eyed.

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It is funny, I was just talking to my friends in Oahu. I have been to several of the same places in the photos. Man I miss Hawaii!

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Sorry to hear about that little accident, my grandmother had similiar accident. Hope you get to fish!

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I noticed two things in your post.

1) Your family is always smiling. :) That's a good thing. Everybody looks happy and thrilled to be on vacation. Ya'll look very happy.
I hate seeing people on vacation that are always complaining about one thing or another. They always have a frown on their face.:mad:

2) I'm not sure if you planned it (I think you did) but in your first photo, you show your feet standing. The last photo before you retire, your feet are once again in the photo, this time you are in the horzontial position.

Your feet are very clean. My toes and toenails haven't looked that good in years. Do you use Cal's grease on your toenails?:D

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I just got back from almost a week at Kiawah Island SC. No fishing, just hanging with the baby all day on the beach and watching herons fish and alligators swim behind the house. Although I feel like I overdosed on quality time a little, it was good.

The only bad part was I knew what kind of world class jigging lay just 40 miles offshore from where I was. I made it clear that if i go again next year, there will be at least two days that I will be offshore jigging :)

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Don't they have a Mcdonalds in HI ? Pretty cooltackle shop though. I wonder if they picked up a few poiters while you were there? I hope that someday I will meet you, and we can put some Wahoo Bombs in BAJA This December !!!!

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uggh!!!!!! finally home. what a trip. i got only one day on the water. it was at lake wilson for my first day of fresh water fishing in years. we started at a local canal just off waialua beach road, outside of haleiwa, to pick up live bait. our catch here was 30 little tilapia.

meet ian. he's the son of jesse lovett, owner of chupu charters.

jesse had been trying to get me out on the ocean and had no success because the charters were all full. finally, he decided to take me out fishing himself!

we drove out to lake wilson and launched the boat.

that's right, guys! hawaii has peacock bass!!!!!!!!!

killer bait.


ian had more important things to do, then decided that he was going to kill a few fish of his own.






guys. that was 3 hours, 30 baits, 30 peacock bass, one bag of doritos, two reeses peanut butter cups and one soda.


on the way back, jesse was able to find me a spot on the foxy lady. when i spoke to my wife, i found out that she was running late, very late. it had been a long week and the kids were on edge. our 8pm dinner (11p california time), the kids finally had a melt down. we got them home, showered and tucked into bed. i talked it over with my wife and decided to cancel the fishing trip. i didn't want to the kids to end the trip on a down note. i drove out to the landing and made my apologies.


here's the kuuloa kai.....


here's the karlyn ........


meet captain dave of the foxy lady. he's been fishing these waters for the last 30 years.


our crew for the day is from houston.


a few shots around the boat. these guys don't mess around.







i wanted the kids to end the trip on a high note, so later in the morning we headed back out to shark cove for a morning of snorkeling.




in the afternoon, the kids played on the beach and i headed back to the dock to meet the boat.






that evening, jesse came over for dinner and brought four big slabs of ono. we talked shop most of the evening.


fishing is much different in hawaii. lots of plusses, a few minuses, and some fantastic sunsets!


long post, i know. mahalo for sticking with me for the whole trip.
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