Grease Please!!

Discussion in 'Reel Repair' started by Eastern Tackle, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Eastern Tackle

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    Reel manufacturers….PLEASE LISTEN!!!! I am talking to you…..Penn, Shimano, Diawa, Accurate and all the others.

    Please start putting some grease on your reels!!!! I do not like to have to take a brand new reel, break it down, grease it appropriately and reassemble it. For example, please see the picture below. This is the handle of a brand new Diawa 40 jigging reel. There is not one bit of grease on it. This is only one illustration, but it applies to all reel manufacturers.

    Are you afraid we are going to get our hands dirty? What is the deal? I demand GREASE!!!

  2. jureal

    jureal Senior Member

    There was a time when the mfgs would over grease there reels and we had to take them apart to take some grease off so the reels would

    Alan Tani has been an advocate of taking new reels out of the box and openning them up to grease all the parts that were missed during assembly.

  3. alantani

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    just a note of caution. the daiwa saltiga frame screw holes are pretty tight, here's a shot of the top of the left side of the frame of a saltiga 50. note the crack in the frame.


    for the saltiga's, i now always add corrosion x to the screw, not grease to the screw hole. otherwise, i could not agree with you more. sadly, we are all talking to deaf ears..........
  4. canyondiver

    canyondiver Guest

    Nothing like pneumatic tools for quick assembly! :(
  5. d-a

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    Doubt Alan was using pneumatic tools.

  6. alantani

    alantani Senior Member

    nope, just a regular screwdriver and a bead of grease.
  7. ichibahn

    ichibahn ** Pak Lurah **

    Hi Alan, what brand of grease do you used ?
    I'm still searching for good reel grease.
  8. canyondiver

    canyondiver Guest

    You cracked that Alan?
    I thought it came from the factory like that!.
    I have found a bead of grease needs to be light, because if it ends up in a blob in the hole, being non-compressible, those cracks can and will happen.
  9. alantani

    alantani Senior Member

    yup! cracked that sucker wide open! it was a $200 mistake! learn from the mistakes of others, gentlemen! alan
  10. word-doctor

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    Live and learn? I prefer to learn and live!