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Grandad's Flying Fish

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I know, I know, I know this is NOT a fishing report, BUT it does pertain to one.

Hey Guys and Gals who were on the Cinco Trip and got the freebee Flyers. The adhesive that was used for production was not the same that was sent for the samples we ordered from, meaning the wings come off :eek: NOT A GOOD THING! :mad:

Well after a week of trying different adhesives "GOOP Household" bonds the wings back to the body.

Retail for the Flyers is $10.00 including a singlepocket bag and rigging is available. We should have sellable quantities GOOPED by the end of the weekend.
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You bet Jerry. I can't even count how many different things that I tried that would bond quickly, even if it takes 24 hours to totally cure. I was afraid I would have to use something that takes 2-6 hours to bond then another 24 to cure.

Anyone who recieved one of our flyers as a giveaway on the Cinco Trip can send them back and we will repair and return. If part of it is missing we will replace it.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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