Got a picture of Gunsmokes deer stand

Discussion in 'HUNTING' started by Snagged, Feb 27, 2007.

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    I'm not so sure. Although I do not know Gunsmoke personally, (though that has never stopped me from picking on him in the past :) ) I gather that he is enough of a gear head that he could figure out that there are better long-range rifles than a scoped lever action Mod 94. On the other hand, for all I know, the old boy in the tub is like a buddy of mine out by Lake Travis who has about a thousand acres of high-fenced property to hunt, and puts out a feeder at 40 yards and kicks over bucks in the 140 class like I used to shoot mockingbirds with a pellet gun. Some of them had ear tags. Anyway, I have a Mod 94 that a former partner of mine used to blow his brains out (I always was sentimental) and I also have a Rifles Incorporated Ultra Light with a Swarovski 3-12 X 50 in .300 Win Mag. And I can tell you what I would be using if I were in that hot tub.

    Oh, if that is Gunsmoke, somebody tell him not to dry his hair in that thing.


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    We used to do that at my buddies place on the San Antonio River, near goliad. He had one of his bulls die and he drug it about 250yds down range(and down wind) We would sit in the hot tub drinking coffee taking turns shooting coyotes...
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    Sweet!!!!!! I don't think I've ever killed an animal from a hot tub. That's not a bad idea. I've shot many a whitewing from a swimming pool. I notice that guy is drinking. Don't get into a hot tub after drinking. It will make you take double drunk.

    That picture reminds me of a trip to the Bahamas with Mrbill when we were in our mid twenties we always used 48 quart coolers as our luggage bags. You could put your clothes in the coolers on the flight to the destination, leave your dirty clothes in the room and take fish home on the return flight. Those were the good old days before wives put a halt to igloo luggage.

    We landed and went straight to the casino and stayed up all night. On the way back to our room we decided to get the duty free scotch bottles and head for the dock and get a charter. The only boat that was willing to take us out was a bone fishing guide. Why not. We open up a bottle of Johnnie Walker and started nipping at it as this guide with a heavy accent headed to the flats. We saw another boat on the flats that had two girls around our age on it. We instructed the guide to pole us toward the girls so we could get a better look. One had a cast on her foot and wasn't to bad on the eyes. The other one was rather plump but better than nothing.

    We talked them into coming on our boat and the party was on. By the time we got back to the dock all of us were feeling no pain. The girls invited us to come to their hotel and jump in the hot tub. I remember I couldn't even get the key into the ignition. I guess one of the girls drove the car. Once in the hot tub, the lights went off. Both me and Mrbill passed out. The hotel security escorted us out to the cab area. We waited and few minutes and noticed two wheelchairs in a corner. We stole the wheelchairs and raced each other down the main drag until we plowed into a parked car.

    This type of behavior went on for two more days. I still blame it on the hot tub. We never caught a fish that trip but we sure had a good time.
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    I remember those girls. The one with the cast got the nickname of "Club". You gave her that name because of her club foot. Her friend was tabbed
    "Friend of Club".

    Neither one of us could ever remember their names and that really pissed them off. They did not like those nicknames. It took a fair amount of whiskey to make "Friend of Club" pretty.
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    LOL!! You all have some great stories! But how have you managed to live so long? Hope to meet you in person some day Gunsmoke!

    Tom - DBG
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    I might add that we had a marlin trip booked the third day. When we arrived at the dock, neither one of us had slept since we left home. After running to the grounds for 45 minutes, we helped the deckhand put out the lure spread. The sound of the diesels combined with staring at the lures put us both to sleep.

    When the Capt woke us up at the dock, he had already cleaned the boat and fish that he and the deckhand caught. I think it was a couple of hoo's and a dolphin. We didn't even hear a clicker go off. That's a sign of being exhausted.