Got a Nilgai last Friday

Discussion in 'HUNTING' started by CDB, Aug 25, 2020.

  1. lite-liner

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    nowhere. I haven't shot at birds in 4 seasons.
    kinda quit after eyesight got questionable, then moved down here and havent found any connections.
    think that's gonna change this weekend, though.....
    curious to see if I can still drop birds, then find them. haha...
  2. CDB

    CDB Member

    So an update. I got the hams cut as steaks, backstrap sand inside loins whole and the rest burger w/15% beef fat added. I got about 100# of burger. So far I’ve made some steaks out of a piece of backstrap and some breakfast sausage. Both were fantastic. Almost like beef just a little tougher. Can’t wait to eat it all so I can go shoot another one.
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  3. Drundel

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    Interesting on the beef fat. Why did you add that over pork?

    Whenever I make sausage (birds, deer, goat) we use pork.
  4. CDB

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    My wife is a bit leery of wild game. Wanted to go with a more familiar taste. Plus, I plan to use most of it as a beef substitute. Made some chili this past weekend and it is the bomb.