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Good Spinning for Schoolies

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Trying to decide whether I should buy a new spinner for the January Tuna Trip.
Currently using an Okuma Epixor EB80.
Will this reel handle YFT at all?
Really thinking of getting into a Penn 950/9500. Any opinions of both would be great!
Even a some uprgrades to my reel would work???
Otherwise I basically need a rig that will do the trick!
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:D special k i think u should get a fin-nor ofs 9500 leagues ahead of the penn and the spheros.Personally i was a shimano man until i tried to service my spheros and the bail broke,the drag was even worse as i couldnt get into the spool as the srews rounded when trying to pull.frankly if u ask me too many parts to pull on a spinner the fin-nor is way simpler and stronger.ps caught 60lbwahoo and 80lb yft :D with ease on a fin-nor ofs set-up with a fin-nor 50lb class rod.:
1 - 1 of 56 Posts
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