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Good Spinning for Schoolies

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Trying to decide whether I should buy a new spinner for the January Tuna Trip.
Currently using an Okuma Epixor EB80.
Will this reel handle YFT at all?
Really thinking of getting into a Penn 950/9500. Any opinions of both would be great!
Even a some uprgrades to my reel would work???
Otherwise I basically need a rig that will do the trick!
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Special K: Stay away from the Fin-Nor, total junk & too heavy
I would say stay away from the Okuma, too, but I have seen it
boat YFt to 70#
I agree w/ MrBill on the Penn, but w/ upgrades(lots) I can handle
60-80# YFT w/ relative comfort.
My new spinner of choice is the Quantum Cabo series. I have an -80
that make way more drag than i'll ever need and has proven itself on the water. A couple weeks ago in Venice, watched our deckie slay a 75# yft
in like 10 min's with a Cabo-60 on an OTI popping rod. this spurred me
to buy another Cabo, a PTs-70 this time. I'm sure it'll work for me
and they can be had, New, on Ebay for around $150-200 bucks
good luck & tight lines
1 - 1 of 56 Posts
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