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Good Spinning for Schoolies

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Trying to decide whether I should buy a new spinner for the January Tuna Trip.
Currently using an Okuma Epixor EB80.
Will this reel handle YFT at all?
Really thinking of getting into a Penn 950/9500. Any opinions of both would be great!
Even a some uprgrades to my reel would work???
Otherwise I basically need a rig that will do the trick!
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Unfortunately, I have to agree with Mr. Bill, although I don't pretend to have his experience. I do have several premium reels (which I have not tested well myself, yet) and an Epixor (actually a Cabelas Salt Striker 80 which is the exact same reel). I bought this reel before getting back into offshore and used it as a jetty reel with 30 pound mono for revenge on big Jacks and Bull Reds in heavy current. It did fine on the reds for the most part, but something happened to the drag (no idea what--it just quit dragging and I couldn't lock it down during the fight) while I was fighting a huge jack. I had at least 250 yards of line on it (it's tempting to think it's strong because it has a huge spool) and got nearly spooled the first time. I managed to get line back but with no working drag and a fish I had to allow to rest, it spooled me the second time around, running down-current. I estimate it was either a state record bull red or (more likely :D ) a 30 pound or so jack crevalle. Now I have landed three yellowfin and a jack ain't no yellowfin.) I'm trying to translate what I felt with a 75 pounder on an ATD 50 wide to that Epixor. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

Cabelas will definitely take it back, even without a receipt. If you are not going to have a big 2-speed with you, buy a Stella 20,000 or an Accurate SR30. Use the money from the Cabelas refund to buy a really good line. :)

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"I am confused with that post? I don't own a 2 speed but I also don't know of one that would replace(even close) the castabilty of a spinning. "

Special K: That was confusing. What I meant was, in a pinch you could use a 20K or an SR-30 for your only rig.

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