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Good Spinning for Schoolies

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Trying to decide whether I should buy a new spinner for the January Tuna Trip.
Currently using an Okuma Epixor EB80.
Will this reel handle YFT at all?
Really thinking of getting into a Penn 950/9500. Any opinions of both would be great!
Even a some uprgrades to my reel would work???
Otherwise I basically need a rig that will do the trick!
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Good luck. Not to burst your bubble, but a $65 okuma spinner will blow up on the first fish. In fact, I don't think it could withstand the initial run of a decent size YF. Since you already own it, might as well give it a try. I'm a gambling man, and would like to place a bet on this reel getting a tuna to the gaff. Any takers?

Don't waste your money on a Penn 9500 either. They just aren't designed to handle YF's. It might bring in one or two before it explodes on you. If you don't fish for tuna very often, see if you can borrow a reel from somebody. You might want to consider a conventional reel. If you don't want to spend 600+ on a good spinning reel, just buy a Penn senator. It won't cost much and should do the job.
I guess I got ripped by cabellas, the Okuma ran about 115 after tax a few months back...haha

Buy it now: 65 bucks, 8 more available

Okuma Epix EB 80 Baitfeeder Spinning Reel EPIXOR EB80 - (eBay item 110166449726 end time Nov-03-07 03:44:21 PDT)

I don't have any tuna trips planned in the GOM in Jan. So, I will not be a witness to the manly-ness of the okuma. But, I would be willing to make a size-able bet that the reel won't cut the mustard. :cool:

I doubt it would maintain more than 10 pounds of drags without chattering. Hopefully your gears hold up. Whoever you will be fishing with will probably get very upset watching you spend over an hour fighting a 75# tuna. Don't be surprised to see your line cut by an upset inpatient person. If you haven't used it, I'd take it back for a refund.

For your price range, the Cabo80 should do the trick as guides in Venice use them successfully.
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