Good Deal on Jerry Brown Hollow?

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by red34, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. red34

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    600 yds od 130# JB Hollow for $79.99

    It's going on a 30W that is rated for 600 yds of 50# mono. You guys have any idea how long the topshot will need to be with the room left?
  2. Bazztex

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    I put 500 yds of 150# solid on my Penn 30 TW and had about enough room left for a 25 Yd top shot of 80# Mono. You should have enough room for about 50 Yds of 80 with the 130 JB Hollow.

    Just remember when fighting a large fish the line management can be a problem. If you over fill the reel and don't get the line level .. it can jamb against the reel frame before you get the fish to the boat.. don't ask me how I know! LoL :D

    You really only need a Flouro leader of around 10 Yds if you are Tuna chunk Fishing.. or heavy Mono leader if you are bottom and AJ fishing. The mono gives some shock absorption when a fish surges on a short line and makes landing a fish easier on the hands... plus the mono has better abrasion resistance when the fish is close to the boat.


  3. txseadog

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    I put 600 yards of JB 130 on my 50s (specs say 550 yds on 50#) and have enough room for about 80 yards of 100# or over 100 yards of 80#.