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Hey guys Im gonna get a calstar WC 610C, got a reel good deal, its a 25-60lb rod. Im 15 and just upgraded my yak so moneys tight. Im going on a 48hr with DSH this demcember, and after I get a job, I plan on doing 10 or more tuna trips a year. So I want a solid starter reel to start off my offshore tackle. I would like a lever drag. Im looking for something for kings, and snapps, and AJs to tunas. What would be a good reel for these things in the range of 300 or less???

Thanks guys

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Welcome to the board TeamOso.

I have found that used reels are the best bang for your buck. I am a Penn man. I have bought several used Internationals for right at your price. I look for key words like Cal Sheets and Cofe. These are blueprinted reels. They are considered "old" technology by many. The truth is that you can find newer and more in vogue reels. Are they worth the extra money?

Ask the fish you just caught if he can tell the difference in what kind of reel just drug him in....

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hmm i would say get a penn international or a shimano tiagra.

getting a tld is cheaper but damm when u put ur hand on the internationals u would have wished to save a bit more and get it..

the penn 30vsw maybe a bit expensive so i would suggest u to go to ebay and look for the penn 30s (my fav all time reel) or a tiagra 30. they wont cost more then 350$ i think
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