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Discussion in 'Pelagics' started by barbwire, Nov 27, 2008.

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    I am gearing up to do a little tuna fishing in 09 and have some questions. I am looking at a June - early August time frame but can be flexable on when I go. Is this time frame good? Would going earlier in the year be good or should I wait till the fall to go? I am trying to plan when to go and schedule parole time from work. Also how well do 6/0 Penns work for chunking and bottom fishing?Enough drag? I can cast a 4/0 Penn pretty good and I am thinking about using it for popping. Am I crazy here or can this be done? I am trying to minimize my tackle purchases and use what I have on hand for my first longrange trip. I will be using a 6/0 Penn on a 80# rod spooled with 80# braid and a mono topshot, a Seeker xxxh A/R with a yet to be purchased reel(looking real hard at a 50 SDS)but am open to suggestions and a 4/0 Penn on a 60# rod if I feel the need to cast poppers/swimbaits. This may be replaced by a good spinning setup if funds permit before the trip. Thanks
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    casting a 4/0 can be done but you need distance when casting to tuna. a 60lb conventional rod will not load up well with light lures. not the optimal set up for that. definitely save money for a spinner setup to cast to tuna. many large fish are caught on a 6/0, should be fine for chunking and bottom. yft are here all year. fall and winter are the best times for larger fish.

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    My recommendations.

    If you are planning this with a lot of friends, I would consider late June to early July to beat the hurricane season. Seas are usually calmer by this time. The YFT fishing is also good at this time. Most bluewater species are also in the area. Snapper season may or may not be open.

    If trying to limit tackle purchases, I personally would use the Seeker and 6/0 for chunking and AJ/Grouper fishing.

    I could never cast a 4/0 well enough for topwater. For topwater, I am sold on spinners with 50-80 pound rods. I am partial to stella 20000s. Many outfits will catch 50-60 pound YFT, but, for me, I want to always land the bigger fish. A stella 20000 will get this done and a FA is well proven and the best bang for the buck if you can find one. You could also use this set up for jigging. For popping rods, check out the OTI 80. Also, people have used the Calstar 700 blanks. I made my own GUSA Wahoo for my topwater setup and I am partial to it. If you make your own rods and can find a GUSA Wahoo blank, then go for that, IMO.

    Good luck and have a great time!!
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    Thanks for the replies. Most likely I will get a spinning setup especially if I wait till a june july time frame,more time to buy toys. I have fished offshore for years but have always used the boats tackle. The initial startup cost for buying some quality gear gave me a bit of sticker shock,but I figure I will buy the best I can and be set up to grind some fish in.
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    The initial startup cost for buying some quality gear gave me a bit of sticker shock,but I figure I will buy the best I can and be set up to grind some fish in.


    This wasn't an original thought, but I'm quite willing to plagiarize it...

    "Good tackle only hurts once... the day you buy it. Cheap tackle hurts every time you use it"