Going to Panama ??? Discount code $100 off $500 purchase on all rods

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    Going to Panama this Spring ?

    We would like to offer you the opportunity to fish Temple Reef rods at a nice discount for 360 Members ONLY!

    Temple Reef rods are the lightest model:model, Best Priced and have the best warranty in the business.

    Our World Famous Black Devil 200 (8' rod) is a full TWO (2) ounces lighter than a Cape Cod "Nano" - its also has a lively tip that makes casting all day a pleasure not a chore.

    Rods to consider for Panama:

    BD100 8' 6" Classic Rod for Panama
    BD200 8' Proven on big tuna easy to cast all
    STK79 7'9" Stickbait rod for tuna/gt/cubera/tarpon
    STK76H 7'6" Stickbait/poppers for smaller Yellowfin and inshore


    Slow Pitch

    Levitate 68-2 and 68-3
    Gravitate G-1 and G-2

    Code = RCT3T19188


    We are the authorized importers and master distributors of Temple Reef to the United States, Canada and Latin America

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