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Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by Uncle Russ, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. Uncle Russ

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    I've been meaning to share this--for whatever it's worth--almost certainly no more than a chuckle, but so what.

    I was in Cabelas in Buda last weekend and was over at the Shimano Butterfly display, just to check out the new model jigging rods to see what they were like--I figured I might buy one of the 200 pound rated models to fish for specks. :)

    Anyway, this young Cabelas employee puts down a flipping stick he was playing with and comes over and asks nicely if he could help. I said "No thanks--just looking at these rods." He said "Man, these are awesome rods. We had a guy from Shimano in here last week and he used the one you are holding to lift a guy up off the floor." I said "Wow, I would like to have seen that." "Yeah, he said, I fish one for offshore tuna and I have a Stella 8,000 on it that will put out 75 pounds of drag." "No shit!" I said. "No shit!" he replied. I can bring in a 150 pound yellowfin in under 7 minutes with that rig."

    I thanked him and went to the bathroom. I came back across the store and he was back to trying out the flipping rod, so I went over to the gun department.

    So if you see me out on a head boat with my new Shimano spinner and a Stella 8,000 on it, get out of my way, Vern. I'm after the cows.

  2. Bret

    Bret Senior Member

    Thats pretty funny... That kid must be one heck of a fisherman.. LOL

  3. Ragman

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    You should have asked him if the Rep had to use one or two hands to lift that guy.

    I'm surprised you let him off the hook so easily and didn't mess with him a little more! LOL

    The new Cabela's near my home has some great people that work in their reel/rod area. They've really helped answer some questions I had about tying some blank jig heads.
  4. Deep_Sea_Gull

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    Thanks Uncle Russ. I needed that reality check. You really did very well yourself....

    Did you happen to catch that young man's name? He sounds like he has an elected office in sight...
  5. Uncle Russ

    Uncle Russ Senior Member

    I ought to add that the folks in Buda really are very good overall. There is one guy in the fly fishing area who is top notch. The gun and optics folks are very good as well. The kid was really good with the bass rod--better than I could hope to be. I'm glad I never stretched the truth when I was his age.