Giant Tuna

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    I took a break from chartering this past Sunday went tuna fishing with my son who was visting from CA and he landed our first giant of the season. The fish hit the 30 class rod equipped with a Tiagra 30 and after a 30 minute fight we boated the tuna which taped out at 82" CFL.

    The custom rod (and Tiagra 30) he used was purchased from First Light Anglers in Rowley and loaded with Jerry Brown HC with a top shot of Momoi using a loop to loop connection. I couldnt believe how much stress this little rod and reel took. My son is a big guy (use to throw discus and shot) and he was able to muscle the fish to the boat in short order. If you are looking for a great rod give Derek or Nat a call. I cannot say how pleased I am with everything I purchase from FLA



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    Nice fish! Congrats.

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    First light is on it this year!!! I saw a Nat next to a huge BFT in a pic this year. Top Notch store. they have OTI rods as well!!! I grew up in Hamilton and went to the store after Katrina. great guys