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GEM Trip History

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Can any of you OG's fill me in on the history of the GEM trip? I think I had read that it started over on the allcoast board but what year? Who was onboard for the first trip and who has been along since? What boats? How many trips have there been? Anybody have any old pics to post? bert
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Oh yeah, here is one more picture from the TAG-2 trip on the Dolphin! One of the deckhands!


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Oh yeah, here is one more picture from the TAG-2 trip on the Dolphin! One of the deckhands!

He looks like a perfect fit for that boat. You would have to be a little crazy to work as a deckhand on that POS.
Capt Dean put us on fish.
One funny story I remember from that trip was some guy who was complaining about the amount of gear (you know about Rick) that was brought aboard by our group. This same guy was complaining about some of us trolling and he couldn't. Deckhand asked us and I told him to take my spot. About 15 minutes later the decky comes up to me and says that b*%^&*#'s rod just broke off below the reel seat and he lost it all.
I guess a wad of bills large enough to choke a horse handed to the first mate with the words 1/2 of your tip made an impression on the crew. Those deckhands worked hard for us as did the captian.
That was my first tuna trip.

My porta rail for jigging designed for the trip. :) Jigging tuna was not popular in Gulf of Mexico in 2004

Flfatboy and his spinning tackles. He was a true tackle-ho. He just disappeared after the trip.

*** Does anybody know where to get a handle like the ones on that guy's
penn 9500'S?
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I checked my records and the 7 allcoasters on the TAG-I trip caught 39 of the 56 yellowfin the Dolphin brought back. I remember Earl getting hammered by a yellowfin on a spinner, DeepBlueGulf kept going by with a YFT on 30#, TJ had more exotic tackle than I'd ever seen, and Kevin hooked up on the port side. It was a great trip and the most YFT the Dolphin ever brought back when they only allowed 20 anglers. It was one of their first trips to the floaters. We didn't even know that the 3 fish limit was the same as the possession limit.
G.E.M. is/was a great concept, especially around the Texas coast because it's tough to find a decent platform to go "long range" comfortably and safely.

The Big E really solved that, but alas, will soon be gone....

Great pics guys, some I've never seen!

GEM Orange Beach, The Necessity
Top, left/right: Capt Fairy, Ken & Vic's Dad, Kenny, Bret, McGolfer, d.h., drfishalot,
Bottom, left/right: 1st mate, DeepSeaGull, Minnow, Ragman, Tom 2nd Capt.

TJ Tuna

Day 3, flat, had to improvise to make the kite fly! Poor newbie D.H.

Only eat the freshest! TJ, Kenny, Bret, Vic

Bret's tuna

See the billfish eye in the middle of the wash
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Those were some nice trips you guys made. Before this thread, it had been years since I had seen a photo of Scott and Earl. I know Scott vanished, but what happened to Earl?
He still emails me every 2-3 months, but he's been lost since everyone left Allcoast Gulf board! LOL

He does some private boat trips.
I'm not lost!

Oh man those pics bring back some memories.

I need to go through my stuff and see about some I have from Possession Limit trips.

I think some others said it but about the Dolphin, she is without a doubt a slow as snot boat - but at least when Capt. Dean was running it you did know you WOULD catch fish. I'd fish with that man on anything.

If it ends up being the only "party" boat left that heads to the floaters, I'll still go on it. My only regret is that Capt. Dean won't be her Captain.

I saw reference to it, does anyone know whatever happend to Flfatboy after that Venice trip? I hope he didn't have health issues.

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Capt Dean retired or something? Whats's going on with Dean? Is he taking the skippers spot on the Big E? He's the BEST SKIPPER I've gone out with many times.
He left the fishing busines, he's running crew boats now from what I understand.

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