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GEM Trip History

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Can any of you OG's fill me in on the history of the GEM trip? I think I had read that it started over on the allcoast board but what year? Who was onboard for the first trip and who has been along since? What boats? How many trips have there been? Anybody have any old pics to post? bert
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GEM Started back in 2003 form Allcoast Gulfcoast board.
The boat was Akela from Freeport, TX.
First GEM trip participants:
1. TEX aka Scott Townson
2. Txseadog
3. Earl
4. DeepBlueGulf
5. McGolfer
6. Minnow.

Second GEM trip got canceled on 2004, rescheduled for 2005 aboard Necesity from Orange beach Alabama.
1. McGolfer
2. Bret
3. Vic
4. Ragman
5. Niel (Vic's brother)
6 Vic's father ( sorry I can't rememmber his name)
7. DeepSeaGull
8. Minnow
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Opppss, sorry I forgot about that trip:eek: . Thanks Kil for remind me on that trip.

I think I know why:p , because I didn't catch a single yft tuna on that trip :eek: :D
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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