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GEM Trip History

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Can any of you OG's fill me in on the history of the GEM trip? I think I had read that it started over on the allcoast board but what year? Who was onboard for the first trip and who has been along since? What boats? How many trips have there been? Anybody have any old pics to post? bert
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Here's a few shots from the 05 GEM trip (Gulf Exploration Mission)

A look at the cockpit at night.

A sail that Neil caught...

Bret's 9500 getting trashed by Vic

Ragman with a nice mahi

Weedline that we spent a great day trolling. McGolfer had a nice blue marlin oof this weedline
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In fact, GEM had second trip out of Venice, LA in Jan, 2004.
You forgot about the trip ? :)

Ed, Dick and myself from NY/NJ joined the trip.

One of the groups that fished the Venice GEM trip...

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I don't know of any captain on the trips I have had the pleasure of joining that has not had a double take on the gear. :)
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