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GEM Trip History

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Can any of you OG's fill me in on the history of the GEM trip? I think I had read that it started over on the allcoast board but what year? Who was onboard for the first trip and who has been along since? What boats? How many trips have there been? Anybody have any old pics to post? bert
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Thanks for the great response guys! Since I'm a late comer to the GEM it's cool to see where it started. Anybody ever notice how Tony shows up in so many great pictures? I guess it just goes to show who's out there hittin it hard. Kil, those are some whopper YFT's. What boat was that Venice trip on? It's funny about internet friends that you can talk to them everyday and then they disappear. You never know if they were pissed off or maybe had health problems?? The Necesity sure has a beam on her! I've only fished a handful of sportfishers before but don't remember them being as wide or as deep a cockpit as that boat.
Is Ed the Capt on the Akela? He's got one of those frozen solid "I just saw an alien" looks on his face, lol
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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