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Hey folks, I'm putting this thread together as a resource for anglers on a GEM style trip or anyone headed to Capt. Tomeny's for a Green Canyon charter. It will be a rehash of old posts but might be helpful for those making their first trip. Hopefully it will also serve as the war room for the GEM 07 crew to visit before the trip. Thanks to Minnow for the space! Bert

Here's a thread on the history of the GEM trip. Lots of good old pictures and memories posted by the guys who were there:


GEM '07 Report is now up:


Kil Song and crew just returned from his Jigging and Popping trip in June of this year. Here's the trip thread with his report and lots of pics around page 10 or so:

Kil's Popping and Jigging Trip

This is Ragman's excellent GEM 2006 trip report:


Ragman's 2005 GEM Report:

Ragman's GEM '05 Report

TXSeaDog's GEM 2003 report:


This link is to a great story in Marlin Magazine on fishing Green Canyon:

Marlin - Out Past Mars

It's great to have some sponsors get involved with the trip, this year we have Frenzy Tackle, Grandad's Tackle, and MC Saltwater Tackle along with us. Here are links to their websites:

Frenzy Big Game Tackle
Grandad's Fishing Tackle
MC Saltwater Tackle

Here's a link to Capt. Tomeny's website:


Here are RAM's driving directions to Fourchon, they will save you half an hour and a speeding ticket!

From Shreveport, LA, take I 49 south to Lafayette, I 49 S becomes US 90 E at junction with I-10 continue on 90E to Raceland, LA, turn off onto LA 1 S, go about 20-25 miles to LaRose, LA, cross a bridge, then shortly after the junction of LA 24 the road makes a hard right turn, about 1/4 mile past that turn right onto LA 667 (i am pretty sure its the number) go about a mile and turn left onto LA 3235 a four lane that will take you to Golden Meadow where it runs back into LA 1 S (the Walmart will be on 3235 on your right) once you meet up with LA 1 S again, stay on it to Fourchon. Set your cruise control on 48 when the speed limit signs drop to 50 mph in golden meadow - biggest speed trap in LA. Shreveport to Lafayette takes 3-3.5 hrs, Lafayette to Fourchon takes 3-3.5 hrs if you take this route (it will save you at least 30 minutes versus staying on LA 1) - everyone else can use these directions once they get on LA 1 S off of HWY 90. Once you turn off onto LA 1 S you are 1-1.25 hrs from Fourchon. Good luck!

This link is to RodNReels rig database including Green Canyon:

Louisiana Fishing Moveable Oil Rigs, Drilling Rigs, Platforms, GPS Waypoints

Now that you know what the trips all about, who you're going with, how to get there, and where you'll fish you'll need to know what to bring. This is Minnow's Recommended Tackle List for GOM Long Range article:


You will need a Louisiana fishing license for the trip. Captains Permit number ( 774767768)
will be required. It can be purchased online by going here:


or by calling this toll free number: 1-888-765-2602

Willie with Texas Outdoor Organizers does a great job arranging these trips! Here's a link to his website:

Hunting and Fishing Trips in Texas. Book with the Specialists

Need some ballyhoo for trolling or rigged squid for deep drops but don't know where to find some before the trip? Here's a link to Baitmasters, high quality and delivered to your door and Bobby Lynn's in Leeville, right on the way to Fourchon:

Baitmasters of South Florida
Bobby Lynn's Marina - Pro Shop

Here's a link to some cool animated knots everyone should know:

Animated Fishing Knots
Grog's Fishing Knots Index

This is a great article Jared posted about a while back from Saltwater Sportsman about Swordfishing:

Salt Water Sportsman Magazine - Fishing - Raise a Sword

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Hi An! I didn't know you were here on 360Tuna already. My understanding is that if John G's nephew is able to arrange time away from work there will be only one spot left. Thanks for jumping on this trip with us, it should be awsome.

Thanks Tom, do you have a link to a report from the first trip? I know I've read it before but can't find it now. If you can think of anything that should be added please post it up. Bert

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Great news from Willie today. We have a full crew!!! We've picked up Mike M. and his buddy Bruce, both experienced SD long range guys along with two of their friends. Also, Lee B. Lee, check in and say hello if you are out there. Bert

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Hey BR, I believe I know the real story on what happened for you and L.B. to met the for the first time. ;)
Let's hope GEM 07 is as exciting as that was without the loss.

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Bighead, Bruce from arkansas here, We are really getting woked up about the oct 7-10 trip. Can't wait to get to meet all the guys on this trip. Mike and I have made some SD longrange trip but just now doing the gulf stuff. Hope to learn alot between now and oct. about what works down there. I hope to talk to you soon. Bruce

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Hi Bruce! Welcome to 360Tuna and welcome to the trip. If you can, post up a picture of one of those SD cows Mike was telling me about. I'd love to see it. We'll need to get our heads together in a few weeks about the food situation, ect. so keep an eye here for posts. Also, the guys on this board are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Gulf tuna. Read up on some of the threads and ask all the questions you want.

An, ok I'll bite. What's the story TOO is hinting about? Somebody loose one over the side or something? Bert

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Pardon me if it says it and I missed it, but when is your GEM trip?

Good luck guys.

I'm still so bummed about not getting to fish with DeebBlueGulf next week out of Venice.

Seems everyone else at work had allready put in for that same time off...grrrr.

So I went and spent the money on a hunting lease instead... :)


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Bert, I am going to do a lot of jigging and probably donate many many jigs to the deep when it is all said and done. I just got back from the Dry Tortugas trip last week end and we did mostly jigging for snappers and groupers. I lost about 10 plus jigs toward the end of the trip. I had about 8 hours of sleep in three days and I was sleep walking toward the end of the trip. At one point, I just lost another jig and was all set up for another one on my rod, I was kidding with my friend just before rigging up the next jig about how I am going to rig up and donate another jig to the sea. Finally rigged up, and toss the jig over the side ready to jig again, the jig went over and disappears in the deep blue and realized I didn't tie the jig to my line :D . I really donated that one. A good laugh was had by all so it was worth it.

I haven't hook up to many yft while jigging. I got hook up to one while jigging on the Big-E with my Saltiga 6000z and a Genesis Long Range Special and I couldn't bring him up. I would take an inch and he would pull an inch. We were lock together for 10 minutes until the hook pull.

I am gonna get another setup before the trip. I am going to go with either the Stella 20000 or the Daiwa Expedition, both with lower gear so it will be easier to crank.
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