galveston tarpon aug 23-24

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    went to galveston this weekend for some poon action. accompanying me was toney(toneyc), mike(cajun tuna) and todd(dirty white boy). we started off saturday morning fishing with capt jake reaves. he is an excellent guide that doesnt mind putting forth the effort to find fish. we scanned the water for a couple of hours then finally saw schooling tarpon, we attempted to get close to them. after a while they came straight for the boat. we had some baits drifting behind the boat while me and toneyc had casting rods in hand with homemade coon pop lures. we made a couple of cast at them with no bites, the school ran under the boat which was an awesome sight.all day we saw and stalked many schools of tarpon with no luck. as the day passed we decided to catch some sharks. we headed back toward galveston where shortly into the ride we saw another school. we were drifting looking at a school ahead of us then BAM! back trolling rod goes off and big tarpon jumps 5ft out of the water. todd grabs the rod and land this fish. a nice 120 lber, this fish made 4 big jumps. landed with a seeker black steel rod and shimano tld reel.

    according to the reports from other tarpons guides, we were the only ones that day that caught a tarpon. fish were everywhere but uncooperative.

    the next day we fished with capt. james plaag. he was a very entertaining capt. his son came with us and the age of 15 an excellent mate, knew his chit. we started the morning off fishing for sharks. didnt take long before the rods went crazy. most were blacktips 60-100 lbs, some nice size spinners in the mix as well. it was non stop action for 2 hours.
    now it was time to find some poons. we finally saw a massive school and headed their way. we got in front of them and got ready to cast at them as they came toward the back of the boat. there must have been hundreds of fish, all jumping over each other and not shy this time. we started casting to them as they approached. toneyc was the first to hook up, a nice sized one immediately jumped. after 3 jumps the fish came off. by this time that school had moved a good distance away but was headed back inshore so we went after them again. got close and they headed toward the boat. this time it was my turn. first cast fish on. this fish didnt know he was hooked, it kept following the school. i was using a 7ft teramar rod and a calcutta 400te with 25lb line.
    we had to make chase as i was almost spooled. the fight lasted 1 hour and 50 minutes. a very stubborn 150 lber.

    by far the hardest but most rewarding fish ive ever caught. big fish light tackle you gotta love it.

    odd thing is that we were again the only ones in the fleet to catch a poon. very lucky to be the only ones both days to catch. brian
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    great report man. Tarpon are an amazing fight! :)

  3. crazyjigr

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    Congrats on your catch
  4. BretABaker

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    nice catches - i want to go to the mansfield jetties in october and cast for them. i've heard they get really thick that time of year.
  5. kidflex

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    thanks guys, it was my first tarpon. i was definately glad i got it casting and not on the drift. definately tested my patience and stamina.

    bret-when fishing off the jetties are you using surf gear or 7-8 ft rods
  6. BretABaker

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    i was planning on the OTI popping rod and stella, same setup as i use for tuna. i've never done this before, but guys who fish there that time of year say the tarpon are really thick so i wanted to try it. hopefully ill have time.
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    Way to go Brian. You cajun guys know how to catch them!
  8. Fishhead56

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    Way to go,
    Glad to see the intrest.
    I don't post much about the flying
    Cadillac Bumper. But they are a worthy
    pursuit. They are my Texas near shore favorite reward.
    POC surf, Galveston nearshore\San luis pass have been
    where I've targeted the large gilled shad. Most of my current
    Tuna casting equipment is from my casting Tarpon stock. I got
    hooked on them in Fla from Tampa, Flamingo and the mid keys.
    I've most always have poor boyed the fish and chased them on my own.
    James Plagg has been for years one amonst a few others that understand the
    Galveston Tarpon deal.
    I've studied the guides in my area but have not fished one,
    But I've also missed the fish as many times as I found them on my own.
    You did well by getting a guide.

    I guess you will have a boat to fish the jetties in PM,
    or are you going to make one of those epic beach trips?
    south padre surf trip !!! in the fall !!! could be as good as a High country horse back Elk hunt.
    Good job and
    Good luck.
  9. BretABaker

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    i'm not 100% sure yet, but i was planning on being on the beach/jetty/whatever and not on a boat. do you know of anywhere better? people said mansfield jetties were the place to be, but i haven't been there so i'm just going by what they said.

    i think itll be really cool to see them explode on a popper or swimbait :)
  10. A.whitman

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    ill tow my boat. wee will check it out. let me know. also the west dela of la. is another hotspot

    SSFIREMSN Senior Member

    How far out were you?
  12. kidflex

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    the first fish was pretty close to the beach about 500-700 yds out. the second day we were about a mile offshore. on both days we covered alot of water and looked for schooling fish.