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Not much to report except some sloppy seas and lying weathermen. My original plan was changed and we ended up stopping at about 25miles out due to the beating we were recieving. Kings were thick, we probably caught 20 or so of them and ended up havingto keep 5 due to them swallowing the hooks. Sharks as usual were a nuisance also. We did catch a few undersized ling and finally had a a decent ling at 39lbs save the day. It wasn't a very productive trip with some undersized snapper but it was a much needed break from work. Good news is I only burned 35 gallons of gas!

Here a few pics from the day. I'm already wishing I wasn't at work and back on the water!

Kings, ling, and a hunk of bait..

Frisky little ling

Sharks were a pain, but more of a pain to this little king.. (my dad pictured)

Buddies first keeper ling. It was a pretty decent battle on my little SX.

Sea Turtle, this pic actually came out better than expected considering it was 50 yards or so I was wedged between the console and gunwhale to stand up.
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