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    IMG_15191.jpg Went offshore with a friend and his son on Saturday and I managed to get gaff stolen by a Gag Grouper. Chad told me "I can't lift this one in", I thought he meant it was too big to lift so I was going to lip gaff it into the boat. Well since I wasn't on my "A" game paying attention, I didn't notice that the dang fish was barely hooked on a bent assist hook. I used a little hand gaff to snag it by the lip, assist hook comes free and the fish went ballistic and pulled the hand gaff out of my grasp since I wasn't holding onto it tight.

    Being a good friend Chand never told anyone that I had blown a gaff shot on the biggest grouper of the day. He just told them to ask about my new gaff technique. Just the same I had a great day fishing with a friend and helping his son along the learning curve with his dad.

    On the plus side I did manage a nice Mahi on a jig even though I foul hooked it mid dorsal. It's hard to believe that the hook didn't pull through.
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