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If any of you guys are interested, Cabelas has been having a tent sale and they put out about 8 every morning. I bought four yesterday and my buddy jason picked up two and some other dude got the others. We talked to the manager yesterday and they were putting more out this morning. We paid 50$ each for the rods and they were all 7ft-8ft casting rods. I got one that was 8ft 1/2oz-4 oz. If interested, check them out early, as they sold out in minutes yesterday. Also, they had a ton of nice fly rods for sale. Usually marked at 275+ for only 35$. Most were st.croix Legend series and avid. See you guys and good luck. My fishing arsenal is insane. All st.croix avid and G Loomis, more rods than I need but I will put good use to all in due time.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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