Funny Swordie Video

Discussion in '360 Degrees Lounge' started by jaredchasteen, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. jaredchasteen

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  2. gman

    gman Senior Member

    they destroyed that things head jesus

  3. Bret

    Bret Senior Member

    Dang.. thats some funny sheeeeeiiiite.. Talk about your gaff shot to the head..
  4. cabosandinh

    cabosandinh Moderator

    if I ever land a swordfish I'd be that goofy , too :)
  5. Bellyups

    Bellyups Senior Member

    Man, those fish look very strong. I have heard they have soft flesh and that they even hooks have made long tears in their flesh.
  6. gman

    gman Senior Member

    They are the hardest fighting fish I have encountered, they have endless fighting power. Their mouths and flesh are very soft thats why most captains will fight them with low drag but Im not a fan of fighting forever so we fish for them with normal drag with the thought process is I would rather them break off early than later. So we put the wood to them

    You always have a early shot to gaff them for the most part 9 of 10 fish once hooked no matter how deep will immediately surface and jump, if you can get near them on the way up you may have a shot at it green if not dig in because it will be a hard one

    Last year we had an epic night with 5 bites, 2 released, 2 kept and 1 lost. My son Anthony had 2 fish back to back thought his arms were going to fall off. Obviously I was the one who dropped a fish, he wouldnt do such a thing

    Fishing at night for these beasts is the ultimate battle