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Funkified Flying Fish.....

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I took a flying fish and cut the wings at the second line down the wing, and left the big meaty part where it attaches to the body... Now I have the glowing part of the wing edge, and I stuck some feathers on each side to replace the rubber wings... it all folds up very easily, yet expands when at rest.... I "think" it may work quite nice.... the feathers can be stuck in and superglued in a matter of seconds if a fish rips them out.. small price to pay for a keeper YFT!!:D Have to get some pics tomorrow.. its time to go home... I have some pretty neat snapper rigs I have to finish- I will do pics of them too - once I get the rest of the supplies:cool: ...
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Can't wait to see this modification. The Frenzy Flying fish line is being "upgraded" so the previous models were on sale the other day. Might want to keep an eye out for any deals on them in the future especially if your mod works.
There's an article in the new Sport Fishing Magazine on flyer's. Seems guys in North Carolina, Florida, are using the Yummie and Frenzys rigged with stiff cable marlin 9/0 J-hook rigs off a kite. They are having huge success with it. 90% hook up rate. I like the way they are rigging them. I have a ton of those 180 degree double hook stiff rigs sitting around along with a bunch of the unrigged rubber flyer's.
Take a look at Parafoil Kites MrBill. They are easy to fly and have loads of lift.
I just bought a Power Sled 14
here come the pics.. then I will disappear for the rest of this week.. I have 3 days to sell $65,000 in chain.... a bonus if I do and it will help pay my taxes.. lol....

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Looks cool Ronnie!

Just a thought, but one of the complaints I hear from those who cast these flyer lures is that their wind resistance greatly reduces the length of the cast.

IMO, the wings are what creates so much drag, but, the wings are what finish the silhouette that tuna zero in on!

Have you tried completely removing the wings, then rebuilding them with your feathers?

It may mess up the way the lure sits on the water, but the feathers would not resist the air as much, and if the lure lays in the water okay, the feathers would still "open" up once on the water and recreate the profile.

What do you think?
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the bulk of the wings have been removed.. just a pencil sized portion remains, and it bend very easily. I think these may have solved the wind resistance problem.I wanted to keep a little on each side to serve like "pontoons" in the water and keep the bait floating level.
ronnie i would prefer that you pluck the feathers from mine before you toss it on the grill.....rick
LOL!! Funny...Psssst! Dont eat the scallops! (I hear they taste like sand crabs!)
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