FS: OTI 450g glow jigs rigged

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  1. themarkg

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    I have excess stuff and want to unload some. Prices are as follows:
    - Heru Bobara stickbait 100g $30
    - OTI heavy jigs 4 x 450g $12 per jig

    This lot has been snapped up:
    - Pink Siren Bad Mon 250 (floater) $75 ( sold)
    - Orange Siren Bad Mon 250 (sinking) $70 (sold)
    - Smith Baby Runboh $40 (sold)
    - Smith Runboh in Mahi yellow $40 (sold)
    - Decoy lure hooks (2 x 5/0, 1 x 4/0) $4 each (sold)
    - Owner ST66 hooks 5 x 3/0 boxes $10 per box (sold)
    - Owner ST66 hooks 2 x 2/0 boxes $10 per box (sold)

    tackle0.jpg tackle1.jpg

    Lures are new and perfect apart from the Siren Orange which I may have casted 10 throws but you'd have to put glasses on to notice. Those lures are pretty much indestructible.

    OTI jigs are rigged with quality hardware. Great for GOM when the current is strong.

    Prices are exclusive of shipping. I will charge the actual cost of shipping. Free shipping if purchasing the lot.
    Please PM if you have questions.
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  2. Meshari

    Meshari Member

    I will take both siren lure and all Decoy hook

  3. themarkg

    themarkg Senior Member

    PM'd you Meshari..
  4. ReelMe

    ReelMe Super Member

    Hope all is well, been too long!!!
  5. themarkg

    themarkg Senior Member

    I know. I need to come up and fish with you. Not been back to Mexico since your honeymoon. Please say hello to your tolerant wife :)
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  6. lougio

    lougio Active Member

    Price for Baby Runboh shipped to 91942? Thx
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  7. themarkg

    themarkg Senior Member

    If I ship Priority in the smallest package I think it's around $6. But I must put you on the waiting list... someone want the Siren and Runboh, and he's after the guy who wants the Sirens... I may have a couple more Runbohs. Will check and PM you.
  8. Mrbigfish

    Mrbigfish Well-Known Member

    Can I get the hooks n runboh?
  9. themarkg

    themarkg Senior Member

    Mrbigfish, both the Runbohs fit into a Priority Mail small package which is $7,16 to ship.Hooks would fit in too. However the hooks and Runbohs are all sold. Sorry!

    Message me what you are looking for. I have other stuff too if I dig into the tackle boxes in my master bedroom closet :)
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