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i packed my bags wednesday morning and hopped a plane to seattle. then we took the milk run from seattle to ketchikan, then to sitka where we disembarked, then the plane continued on to juneau and anchorage.

our party included my father ......

my daughter .......

and my younger brother. we were met by justin guzmam, the lodge manager from frontiercharters.com. justin used to work at the local tackle shop down the street from my house.

the lodge is really nice! here are a few photos .......

here's the fish processing area on the ground level.


a few more shots of the lodge......







morning came early. 5am was the wake up call. this is my brother, ed!



this was the spread set out so that we could make our own lunches for the day.



it's a 15 minute drive to the dock.




boots and foul weather gear are provided. there were 16 staying at the lodge, and four boats.




our guide's name is jon geyer. we're looking at a 90 minute run to get to salisbury sound.







lot's of nice tackle. all accurates!!!!!!


we ran to the outside of salisbury sound, looking for sliver salmon. we ended up bailing after a couple of hours. little did we know that this would be our calmest day!


we ran inside and stuck a limit of rockfish.



then we set up for halibut. this white cord is alaskan fluorocarbon.


i have no idea what this is, but it was my best catch of the day.



at least we had these guys to keep my daughter entertained. they were everywhere!!!!!



it was an easy run back to the harbor.


dinner featured a full salad bar (rare, and very expensive, in alaska) with roast duck and rice pilaf.


day two, we stuck an easy limit of rockfish.


we decided to head straight out for slivers and got lucky for a change. we ended up with 7 in 2 hours.




dinner was a steak, baked potatos and mixed veggies.


day three and we're off and running again.




it started off nice and got ugly fast.



we could barely hang on all morning and only stuck one silver. and lucky me, i got an over 40 inch 30# king that we had to let go.


when jon fired up the engine to reset, he got an alternator and temp warning, then started to smell smoke. we fired up the kicker and struggled for 2 hours to get out of the slop and tuck back inside salisbury sound. i was at the tiller for most of that time, while jon dealt with the engine and the radio calls.



trying to keep a 27 foot boat straight in a following sea with a quartering wind is not my idea of a good time.



once we established that this was not fixable on the water, jon took over. you know, he never stopped smiling. he actually runs his own guide service in oregon and will be back home to oregon in september.



these guys came to our rescue and towed us in.




finally back at the dock, we got a quick ride back to the lodge. dinner was stuffed pork chops. really tasty!!!!!!


we have a 6am flight back to san jose tomorrow morning, so i'm hitting the sack early.

ok, so we're up at 3:45 am for a quick cup of coffee, through airport security at 5am and off to juneau at 6am.


at juneau, the we sat at the airport for 3 hours while they fixed some ductwork in the cargo compartment. once in seattle, we found one last flight to san francisco.


all of the flights from seattle to san jose were packed, so we caught a 6 pm flight to san francisco that finally left at 8:30 because of fog in the city. we finally made it back to the bay areat at 11:30, then home at midnight, 10 hours late. thank you, alaska airlines ........


my wife was able to pick up the fish at san jose earlier in the evening. i unpacked it at midnight and it was still frozen solid. the fish was beautifully packed.




overall, this trip was every bit as tough as last year. at least we stayed dry this time. compared to last years trip to casa de kings, the flights this year stunk, the lodge accomodations this year were a little nicer but very close, the food was equally as good, the boats were much better, the run time to the fishing grounds were 1.5 hours versus 3 minutes last year, the salmon fishing was about the same both years, the halibut fishing this year stunk, rockcod was better because we did not have a rockcod option last year, the fish processing was better because the lodge took care of all of it (although processing our fish ourselves last year was alot of fun!), the cost this year was higher for 3 days of fishing versus last years 5 days of fishing, and we came back with 2 boxes of fish this year compared to 6 boxes of fish last year. oh, and fishing with my daughter, priceless!


monday we repack and tuesday we're off to hawaii. another full report to follow! alan

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Nice Report Alan! Trips with the family are always memorable even if the fishing isn't stellar. I'm sure the memories you made with your daughter will last forever. Can't wait for the Hawaii trip report!!!

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Great pics Alan, thanks for sharing them. Could you PM some info about that trip and a ballpark on the cost for the 3 of you? My buddy lives up in Seattle and we've been talking about doing a trip like this and would probably take his wife along as the 3rd person.

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i spoke to my brother just before i left for hawaii. he wants kings. i guess that means the last 2 weeks of may. he is not interested in halibut at all (long story) and would fish for lings as "catch and release" only. we will see what next year brings.

the flight was $700 plus a $50 companion flight with an alaska airlines platinum visa card for a total of $375 per person. the price of the lodge for 3 days of fishing was $2100 per person. add incidentals and it's almost $1000 per per person per day of fishing. it was tough coming back with rock fish and only 9 very small silver salmon in two of the 50 pound boxes. we would have felt much better coming back with two boxes each of just salmon. the weather did not cooperate, the fish were very scarce, sitka sound was closed (unknown to us) and kings were limited to 48 inches or better (a late closure by alaska fish and game). i doubt that anyone would knowingly sign up for a trip like this one and pay this much. it's going to be tough........

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Hey Alan I went to sitka last year and you can rent your own boat up there and try it on your own and save some money. I did it and did better then the guides. I had a blast. I think we ended up with around 10-14 halibut and many other things. I went to Seward this year and really had a blast. I tried to rent my own boat there but could not so went with guide. I brought back 300lb of fish. Halibut,rockfish,ling and silvers. Very nice mix. Seward is a great place to go. Only 2 hr drive from Anchorage. Great fishing. If you are looking for a great charter go with profish-n-sea. Capt. Steve is great. Steve.
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