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    After graduating med school I could not convince my younger brother to
    stay in Texas and work in the oilfields. Well that was 25 yrs ago.
    He set up shop some where between Big Red country and the Bronco's
    And fishes and hunts from there to farther up north.
    Yearly he and other of the same misfortune take trips to
    Canada and Alaska. This year was in Manitoba.

    This group has been mostly 2 of my brothers and a nephew who
    is now also in the ill fated posistion of college @ U of Buffolos or somthing like
    that. With that being said they did well.

    many pike from 40" to .....50 plus"

    This unfortunate indavidal also shoots very well with shot guns and has
    some of those special over and under 2 shot things.

    While he was in Med school and could make budgeted trips to Canada ( on fed loans ) I set him up with a penn spinner and ugly stick. Stuff is still working.

    but I think It is time for him to up grade his tackle
    and then I'll get him back to the saltwater.


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    Pike and walleye fishing in the vast north is a blast. Some of my fondest memories are from the blackwaters of ontario.