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Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by bighead, Jul 30, 2007.

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    Just got home from our rental in Bridge Harbor and back online. Trying to borrow wireless in the hotel parking lots proved to be more trouble than it was worth, lesson learned. If anybody needs a place to stay on the coast while fishing I really recommend the rental from over the hotels. Having the boat out the back door and a tackle room downstairs was so convienent! We layed out Saturday due to a forecast of 7-9's subsiding to 5-7's. I didn't see the bouy report but most of the weeks forecasts were a little off. Sunday morning we awoke to the local radar showing a cell sitting just offshore. Decided to wait it out a while and about 10am we were baited, iced, and leaving the jetties. The seas were pretty choppy and around 3' again with a pretty steep face that made for slow going. Had planned to try a spot around 25 miles South but stopped a few miles short to hit a rig. It worked out pretty well and we got most of a limit of snapper before finishing out on the CE wreck. Nothing huge, maybe 6lbs was the biggest, but we were just glad to get out. Monday looked like it would be a nice day to get out a little farther. Forecast was for 2' and seemed to be pretty close. Headed back to Salvador to our B liner spot but ran into a storm as we hit about 54 miles. Found a hole between two cells and could see blue sky behind it so ran around behind the rain and waited for it to move past our spot. Got started with high hopes but ran into some particularly nasty dolphins. When pulling fish up these guys would grab the drop rig, I think by the cannon ball sinker, and pull a hundred yards or so of line before turning loose. You could see them at the surface watching you and when you'd try to retrieve the fish they would grab it again for more fun. They were also playing with the flat line somehow not getting hooked on the ribbonfish rig. An hour of this entertaining the boys and we moved a couple miles. Robert was hoping to get a king so we got him set up with the flat line and within a couple of minutes he was hooked up with a nice one. Looked to be 40ish. Picked up a couple snapper before the dolphin caught up. Decided to move inshore about five miles to the East 27's. Used one of Rik's numbers from his book to get a few more nice snapper before moving in again to the Middle 25's where the snapper and sharks were thick. We were planning a fish fry for our last evening so headed in at 3:30 to clean the boat and fish. At the dock noticed a familiar face I thought was Brandon Pope but wasn't quite sure until he said hello. He'd been out with his sister, Jammer, and their boys for some good father and son fun. Brandon, it was great to talk to you again! Fish fry went off without a hitch except for a few mosquito bites followed by cobbler and Blue Bell. It was a nice end to a heck of a week of fishing. Thanks to Russ for putting a boat under us non boaters and to Robert and Dillion for making the trip! Bert

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    nice trip!! The dolphin stories were humorous.... someone needs to come up with a frequency emitter to run these funny guys away!

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    Bert, I have enjoyed the week of reports.. glad you guys got to take the boys out and put them on some fish..
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    It was good as well as a pleasant surprise seeing you down and there. Those were some nice fish. i also appreciated the invite for sharing supper, but I had to get home. Hope the ride home was nice. Lets all get together soon.
  5. Great stuff there Bert.....

    Glad to see the youngsters having some quality time with the older folks.....
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    Hey Terry, good to hear from you! Congrats on the new GB cat and the Albie haul you made last week. I wish you and Russ the best of luck when he comes to visit. Post up some pics for these guys to see on 360tuna. Bert

    PS: get that Masters wrapped up so we can get more fishing time with you, lol
  7. Bert, I decided to take the summer off school to enjoy some fishing and enjoy this boat.

    Here are some pics of the Albies we have bee catching along with some pics from Alaska