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Free seaqualizer descending device returnemright.org

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I wanted to share this after reading about floating red snapper on another thread.

I jumped through a couple hoops (watch a video) on this website and was sent a free descending device kit.

I don't think this is very practical for party boats, but could be handy on personal boats or small charters.

Edit: I emailed the folks at the website about including a vent tool. This is a person's reply. Text bolded by me.

Thank you for the participation and feedback. We considered including a venting tool and will continue to consider, however, venting tools are cheap and more readily available at most tackle shops so that's why we don't include them in the kit. Additionally, descending has less room for error for the everyday angler than venting. I would agree with you that venting is likely more efficient on a party boat. I've seen many rig a descending device up in the back corner and vent most smaller fish but if they have any bigger ones they need to release they use the descending device in the back corner.
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I put a tip top on an old broken Ugly Stick and a Daiwa level wind with 50lb Dacron I had sitting around. Stores easy and works fine.
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