Fourchon, LA 11-26

Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by gmack, Nov 27, 2008.

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    With the great forecast for Wednesday Cody and I took his boat, Getting Tanked, out of Fourchon. Plan was to try for AJ/grouper and pull for wahoo.

    The wind was a little more brisk than we had hoped, but the gulf was calm enough for us to make it out. Once out about 25 miles seas were much smoother. We used butterfly type jigs in 260'. It wasn't fast and furious, but steady. Those freakin little AJs wipped us good. We kept one that weighted 20# and one about 32". We also caught a nice gag. Caught and released a bunch of the little AJs. It was a blast. I just don't know how you guys can catch 60-100# fish. I strugled with 20# fish!!!!

    We pulled shakey baits for a bit for hoos. I must admit we don't know what we are doing, but we put out a pink stretch 30 and halco trempler and pulled them at 5knots in 250' to 400' with no luck. Wasn't a bad trip for dunking that boat at 11am and having it back on the trailer for 5pm. Hoping for another good weather day to give it another shot!

    I got to use my custom made jigging master and ocea jigger for the first time. Sweet combo, but actually harder on me than a lighter weight rod. It was just too much tackle for trying to use in Cody's boat. I originally had it set at 30# of drag and almost got pulled out of the boat twice. I backed it off to 20# and it was much more managable. The rod/reel is no joke. It can handle much more than me!





  2. Bellyups

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    Great trip!!! Gotta love those largers Ocea Jiggers!

  3. STx Fisherman

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    I am putting together the same setup....a Jigging Master 500 with an OCEA Jigger 5000P. Glad to hear that the combo worked so well.

    Nice pics!
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    I'm no expert but I think 5 knots is way slow for Wahoo.
  5. ToneyC

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    Nice report fellas,

    Good times for sure. I still haven't caught a grouper a jig. One day damn it.
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    you can't pull the streches much over 5 knots as they will not run right. the tremblers or braid maradures can be pulled at twice that speed.....rick