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Four Coast vertical Jigging..Puerto Rico (( Video))!!!

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Hello Everyone....

Finally here is our first (( Video )) ... hope you like it... :)

Links to the Video:
Four Coast Jigging....Puerto Rico!!!
1) https://www.facebook.com/fourcoastmagazine/videos/vb.318395078308077/495893600558223/?type=2&theater

2) https://www.facebook...urcoastmagazine

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all yalls videos are great, so many wahoo!
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So many wahoo. Wire assist hooks and leader? Or one or the other?
KaylorSC said:
So many wahoo. Wire assist hooks and leader? Or one or the other?
we always have to use Wire (175# 49 Strand) to many toothy fish in our waters...
our setup is as follows:
Braid to Mono and Mono to Metal Asist..... and we never have any problems about
fish not biting......as you can see in the thread. ;)
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