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I have purchased numerous jigs for this guy out in Califorina.

Good looking stuff. I eventually got him to call me and tried to talke him into sponsering the Big- E trip in September.

He said he had some other prior-engagement but wanted me to pass along his Ebay store link.

He said in return was going to include a few extra jigs to pass out on the boat.

So make sure you try one out when you see me.

He said he recently did a deal with someone on 30 jigs for $3 dollars each and was able to only charge $10 for delievery.

$100 bucks for 30 knife jigs....preety good deal... but I believe the jigs were only the 100 or 150g

Still preety cheap.

If your in the Houston Area I can show you what they look like in person before you buy.

We can meet for lunch in the Downtown or at one of the local tackle shops.

Let me know.

/ Bryan

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I just received yesterday 50 jigs from this guy on ebay. They look very good. I made a deal on assist hooks also. He will put it to you on the shipping, but overall a 200 gram jig can be at your door for 4 to 5 bucks. They almost look as good as the shimano butterflys. In fact, the pattern is almost the same. Probably will sink and jig the same as the Shimano. I am very happy with them.
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