Ford vs. Chevy Debate

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by calebw, Oct 13, 2009.

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    Alright I am going to be adding a another jigging set up to my collection. I am on a low budget right now but need a conventional setup. My price range is $180 for the reel and am going to get a JPR or riley rod made. Right now I am going to buy the reel. I am strongly thinking about a Daiwa Saltist 30T but it is hard for me to stray away form shimano, thought about there torium 16 (I like the small size to fit in my palm). The man thing I will be using this setup for it to jig AP and medium AJ, as well as jigging and bait fishing grouper. What do you think, any other reels in that price range that are any better?
  2. saqa

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    You hooked me with that title :)

    Take a good look at the tyrnos 12 as well. I use that and its small and ballsy without being too exy

    The saltist and torium are both nice but you may find em a bit wide in the spool maybe.

  3. macka17

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    Quality. and Fishing wise. Go the Daiwa's.
    I've got both. Saltiga\Saltist, and Torium.

    Torium are kept on boat for visitors only..

    See Ya
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    I think you should buy a Dodge :)
  5. Jason4606

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    Saltist 30T if it has to be 3/0, or Penn Baja Special if you can live with 4/0.

    Neither are particularly sexy, but Baja is another nice, narrow option with added capacity if using more than 50-60lb braid. Used ones pop up for ~$150 fairly often.

    Or for a little more scratch you can find used Trini's and Saltigas. $280-300 for 30T Saltiga or 40N Trini is definitely doable...
  6. calebw

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    HMMMM, Ok sounds leaning more towards the saltist 30T. I don't know about the tyrnos, the lever drag kind of pushes me away. Lets talk drags and drag uprgrades I hear everybody talking about carbontex drag washers and the extra 5-6 pounds of drag. I have also heard on the saltist tend to break down over 18 pounds of drag, so then what is the point of the upgrade. Any body with a used conventional jigging reel $200 and under send me a PM if you would be interested in selling it.
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    I think you should buy a Dodge :)

    ....... and an Avet.......

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    used avet LX single speed
  9. Rainbowrunner

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    If you're on a tight budget and you want new, the Torium is a good buy. A friend of mine landed a 75# AJ on one (Torium 30) last year on the Big E, but it just about took him to the cleaners and had everyone on the boat dodging, ducking, and untangling.

    Find you a good deal on a used saltiga or Trinidad and you will be a happy Chevy owner!!!:rolleyes:

  10. YMMV

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    Buy yourself a Saltist and call it a day.
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    I think you should buy a Dodge :)
    I was gonna jump with "get the Tundra!":D
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    Has anybody tried the new saltist lever drag, that thing looks sweet. The only thing that scares me is the high gear ratio
  13. bay bruiser

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    Caleb I started my jigging career about five years ago with a couple of Torium 30s, they are fine, be wary of upgrading the drags in either the Daiwas or Toriums as the reels arent designed to handle to xtra strain, as an example my Toriums where putting out 13kg of drag, I know of people replacing the drags with Carbontex then experiencing the anti reverse bearings failing due to the added stress. BTW my good friend has both of my Toriums and they still continue to work fine, although I get them bck ocassionally to clean and maintain them