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So I visit a site/forum that is all about promoting the best deals people find,this was one of them. Just placed my order,all I paid was 7 bucks shipping.You cant get 2 raw hides for that. Anyways,here is the info.

Ruffchews are giving away free samples of dog treats, you have to pay shipping. Thanks g.g.

4-Pack of Chompies edible dental treats
6-bone sample case of our Ultra Heavyweight Premium Rawhide
6-Pack of 6" Natural Bully Sticks Sampler

Add each one to the cart and its like 38 something,fill out all the info,billing/shipping (wont ask credit card info until just shipping is shown at end) After you do that,it enters the promo codes for first time buyers,and you get all 3 free,and just end up paying the shipping.
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Thanks,thats a good deal. My lab Lab goes through chews like crazy too, my mom makes me put him outside when I give them to him though, everytime he gets somethin good jumps up on the sofa to eat it, which is the only time he ever gets on the sofa, sometimes I come home from school and i'll find whats left of a box of crackers or loaf of bread scatterd on the couch.
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