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    Here is one you dont see everyday. LMAO

    Let me set the stage, its Sunday afternoon and we are 25 miles offshore shark fishing. My son Anthony and I are fishing with Dom at Coastal charters and they are sharks everywhere, I mean like 40 plus all day, big 200-300lb blue sharks.

    Anthony has already released 14-200 lb sharks and I want to have alittle fun so I grab my jigging setup which is a stella 20K on a Smith 52ex and I tie on a popper ( i wouldnt use my OTI's they are too sweet to lose)directly to my mono top shot.

    I saw a dark shadow about 50ft off the stern and cast to the right of it ...pop, pop and the fin cuts water to the left ...pop, pop and now she see's it. She follows it and pounces on it in 2 seconds and we are tight ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ but it stops for a second and I think "the mono broke" but then I'm tight again ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. DOM was in disbelief

    15 minutes later my luck is still entact, the slip I felt was the popper, it must have slipped out of his mouth and got caught on his pec in so I end up successfully catching and releasing a 100+ lb blue shark with a Popper on MONO

    Now thats what i call fun, I have the whole thing on video and its awesome watching him chase it. I only have enough time to post the story and pictures for now but hopefully the video will be up tomorrow


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    That's awesome video, congrats on the catch. Thanks for sharing with us.
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    man all i can say is wow congrats man but seein that makes me think that catchin a tuna on a spro jig may not be so difficult aftel all so now that u have poppin 4 sharks under yer belt watcha gunna do now ? perhaps freedive/ wrestling 500 pund goliath grouper :)
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    its tarted out as a joke to be honest there were so many sharks around I said wouldnt this be a hilarious if it would work. then it actually worked so we all laughed our asses off
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    the new kid that was off Rhode island
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    Great video. Congrats on the catch.
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    great video ... looks like fun
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    Great vid. G. Steeling Anthonys thunder??:D :D New sport?? Snaggin Sharks.!!;)