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Flying with Rods

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After a quick glance searching through goggle I couldn't find anything about restrictions on rods being a carry on item. Those of you that fly out and bring your gear with you, how do you normally do it? Ksong said he took a rod on as carry on and no one bothered him. I'll check with my airline when I can but just wanted to get some input from you guys first.
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Last week I shipped 52QT ice chest and 7'6" rod tube via Fed Ex ground from
Fex-ex station to Hotel in Windsor CT.

I new my stuff would be oversized "length" and too many checked pieces "3"
so I knew I would have airline diffuculties and fees.

My rod tube is Standard plano vintage 1985. standard extended lenght is 6'
prevoisly redrilled it to extend to 6'7". But this was not good enough for the
7' rods I wanted to bring to the Nor East. So a 3' length 3.5 Dia peice of schedule 40 "thick wall" PVC was inserted in to the tube. First though
the insert was wrapped at each end to take up the inside gap and insure
a tight fit. Generous amount of duct tape on the outside complete the
Modification. The tube was Uglyer than a MUD Fence. But of correct length.
It took a bit cordination to get 5 rods to fit through the reduced inside Dia. also.

The ice chest was a max Cool Igloo packed with limited tackle, tacklebag and 7 reels. The chest was taped with 2" std packing tape 3 times 1 each over the hinges 1 over the latch and 1 time cicular around the lid seal.
Each wrap was then over wrapped the 1" cargo strapping tape. Or the tape with the nylon strands in it that is virtuly tear proof.

The Fed ex office was on the way to the airport I was using "Hobby" and
just across ihe Freeway from FTU on 45 south.

The Agent measured the tube and chest to the exact inches, incuired about
the contents. "tackle" "nothing perisable". The content value $2.4K, Wheight
11lbs and 40 lbs, desitnaton ect and even asked if the tackle was fresh or salt water equipment.
and proceded to type a bunch of info into the the terminal. I was thinking
More typing more money...
Well the bill for shipping by ground was $46. Shipped out monday noon
and arrived Thursday noon. The Tube and chest looked in the same condition
as when checked in. All of the contents were fine also.

So I would indorse this way of getting our type of gear from one destination to another. Shipping overseas and dealing with import customs would be the

Took only a few min on the way to airport.
No frowning counter agent
No Gorilla throwing items across the tramac.

Turned in Fed ex $ on expense account..
All positive points.

Now I got to use the darn stuff...

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Good question..
Yes it can be , and should be locked after it is checked in.
But TSA could want to inpect it after check in.
So TSA has ispection xray points next to checkin counters
as well within (behind) check in area. Just smile at the check in person and ask to have
TSA inspect your case before locking. This should be only a 50 ft walk
to their area and another short line.
I have done this with rods, industrial test equip ect,,
stuff that you don't want to leave unlocked or have the locks
broken into.
Your bags remaim untouched until claimed by you.
You exit the plane . pass imagration, pick up bags
in claim area then pass customs.
Should be no problem, Foreign customs is like ours.
They are interested in taxable items and forbidden items.
Fishing equipment for your temp use should be no problem.
In the regular fishing areas that visitors go to.

What I don't know and would like to hear about is importing fresh caught fish
back to the usa?
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