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Flying with Rods

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After a quick glance searching through goggle I couldn't find anything about restrictions on rods being a carry on item. Those of you that fly out and bring your gear with you, how do you normally do it? Ksong said he took a rod on as carry on and no one bothered him. I'll check with my airline when I can but just wanted to get some input from you guys first.
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Recommend you not use one of the popular "Bazooka" rod cases for checking, though. It has the word--you guessed it--"BAZOOKA" molded in huge 4 inch letters right into the side of the case. I'm thinking the baggage carriers call in the FBI, rip your ass out of the plane and have you cuffed and bare-assed naked, face down on the tarmac with blood coming out of your ears, while they tear the case open and inspect it. Only then will they let you back on the plane with apologies and maybe a complimentary drink--while the baggage handlers steal your rods.

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