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Flying with Rods

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After a quick glance searching through goggle I couldn't find anything about restrictions on rods being a carry on item. Those of you that fly out and bring your gear with you, how do you normally do it? Ksong said he took a rod on as carry on and no one bothered him. I'll check with my airline when I can but just wanted to get some input from you guys first.
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I'm sure I can get it through check in but am wondering about carry on. Is that what your talking about?
What if I ziptie both rods I plan to take, would that count as one piece? What kind of holder do you put them in?
I plan to fly US Air so that's perfect, I can bring all my fishing gear on board with me without risk losing it!

PM'd MrBill.
Thanks for the info. Tom/MrBill
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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