Flounder time!

Discussion in 'Fish Species and Techniques' started by Kim, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Kim

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    It's that time of the year in the Florida Panhandle areas and for the next month or so we'll have the bigger flounder migrating out of the sounds and bays to their winter breeding grounds offshore.They should start stacking up around near shore wrecks and artificial reefs.

    Now is the time to break out the favorite inshore jigs and soft swim baits or go old school and use live bait. I like to free line a live bait off the dock but I also throw a lot of Matrix Shad jigs. My favorite colors are the white and the lemon slice.

    One rig that a lot of people use here is a tandem rig using a live bait followed by a jig. I use it myself when I am using live bait, shrimp or mud minnows. Tight lines to all!
  2. semipro

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    we are waiting cold front in TX for flounder

  3. blig

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    yes ive noticed more hook ups using any white bucktails with a strip attached work pretty well if you like going for flounder
  4. Bigcountry1219

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    I'm always amazed by the flounder that you guys have down there. I'm from MA and we predominantly see winter flounder. Fishing is drastically different for these fish. We simply bounce sea worms off the bottom for them, usually while anchored in a harbor or drifting a sandy bottom area. Fishing soft plastics and jigs for them is pretty much unheard of.

    I fished for the southern flounder once while in St. Augustine - way more fun than the winter flounder up here. They remind me a lot more of the Fluke that we catch in the summer.