Float tube Giant Trevally

Discussion in 'International reports' started by philr21, Jul 30, 2010.

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    Hey Man, I finally meet someone stationed @ DG! I was a civi working for Northrup Grumman 2000-2002. If you hang out at the officers club at night during a full moon you can see GT feeding in the shallows. I used to feed them by hand, they would beach themselves trying to get the baby Pompino I would feed them. There was one around 25kg that would beat the crap out of the smaller gt's, I called her Oprah, unfortunitly the locals found out about them and wiped them out. If you can try walking the flats at sunrise or sunset, use a 20-30 spinning gear around 8ft rod and a medium size popper you have a very good chance of landing one. Catching a GT on the flats is the best!!! I've broken three rods, spinning reels broken, gear smashed.
    I can't remember the name of the other club, but on the wall is the largest GT ever caught 165 lbs. I Talked to the dude that caught the monster, he said they needed 2 people to drag it in, caught it on the UK fisheries trawler. Well take care, if you have any heavy duty jigging gear, try for Dogtooth tuna around the passes, landed several between 50-70 kg's. Cheers
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    thats a big jack
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    Fixing so the pics are viewable again.
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    That is a great story. It sounds like a great place.
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    Philr21, I am currently stationed on DG and have had some similar luck with GTs on poppers and Rapallas. I hit this 52lb 2 weeks ago off the point by the officer's club. Even with 100lb braid it took 15 minutes to land him. Epic fight! 52GT1.jpg
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    great report guys. I have sent some fishing gear to some of you guys out there in DG. I wish i could get the chance to fish there.
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    Thank you for great report
    Didn't know they are good eat