Flat Sided/Vertical Jig Set of 5 (250 Grams) New Color!

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    New 250 gram Flat Sided Vertical Jigs back in stock!! NEW COLOR ADDED! Hot Pink/Glow in the dark!! Also we have added a full rubber sleeve on the assist line.

    Set of 5 jigs at www.strikertackle.com is $45.00

    Item Specifications:
    *400lb assist hook line with matching solid and split rings.
    *The jigs come with two 6/0 black nickel assist hooks
    *Length is 8 inches
    *2 of the jigs Glow in the Dark !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *GREAT FOR FISHING: Tuna, Snapper, AmberJack, Yellowtail and Grouper.

    FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $75.00.
    Stocks are limited and we will run out before the next batch is ready so don't wait

    fullsizeoutput_23dd.jpeg fullsizeoutput_23de.jpeg fullsizeoutput_23df.jpeg
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