fitting them in the ice box

Discussion in 'Billfish' started by mike, Sep 21, 2006.

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    this is kinda a pre mature question as i have to catch one first, but once that is out of the way, can something be cut off the swordfish to help it fit in the icebox better. i think i read somewere you could remove the head, and there is still a legal carcess length.
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    With a big sword even without the head they won't fit in even the largest of fish boxes. I would recommend getting a marlin bag that allows the bill to stick out and pack the fish boxes with ice to load the fish bag up with when you land the swordy.

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    The federal measurement is lower jaw to fork of tail. I have cut the bills off of plenty of swords to get them in my box. I have a 36 contender and 26 glacier bay so a sword has to be pretty much over 200 to not fit. I have laid a couple on the deck and packed the body with ice and they are just fine done that way. They dont have to be iced down as much as a tuna does to keep fresh.