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This past week was windy for the most part. The only day we made it offshore was on Saturday with mixed results. Capt. Josh took out the Nicolas Forge group from Houston, Tx. and I had the Van Nguyen, Tabers crew from Katy, Tx. and surrounding areas. Two years ago Van came down and caught his largest tuna going 135lbs. and he was looking for a repeat again in 09. The weather calmed down to near perfect for Sat. morning. We left out about 6:30 a.m. and in 45 minutes we arrived at our first spot which at first I wasn't going to stop at. After a little mental reasoning I pulled back the throttles last minute and put the lines out to see if we couldn't put a wahoo in the boat to start the morning out right. I had just talked with the guys before hand and gave them the run down on what to do if we get a wahoo on, they come unhooked easily, sometimes you think you've lost them and they're still there, keep reeling, the whole run down on perfect wahoo fishing. Well, not two minutes later all 4 lines went off, reels screaming, and all preparation went right out the window. Definitely a fire drill. After the smoked cleared we still had two on. One fighting hard and the other coming to the boat very easily. I had to check to see if the fish was still there once but the guys managed to get 1 50lber. in and the one that was coming in easy had his tail bitten off, but turned out to be a nice 45lber. Never did see what got him. After that it went quiet and we didn't get another bite in that spot. We moved onto tuna fishing and were not successful. Tuna fishing was slow for us. Went back after the wahoo and after a lot of fishing we had a double knockdown and managed to get one in the boat which was an nice 60lber. That was it for our day. Capt. Josh and his group ended the day with 3 A.J.'s. Sat. was a tough day but not bad. We are waiting for the wind to come back down again as I think it will by mid-week so we should be back out then. The wahoo bite has really been good this winter, although the tuna bite is somewhat off for what we are use to seeing in January. We still have openings to fish in Jan. and Feb. targeting Yellow fin tuna and Wahoo.

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