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We made it out again on Saturday 10/1. I had the Corbin crew who were down for a company trip. They were from Shreveport, Georgia, and Tennesse. First thing I did when I woke up was look out the back door to see how windy it was. It looked calm until I stepped on the side of the building and got blasted in the face with a strong east wind. I knew we were in for a rough day. Regardless, off we went towards the tuna grounds and to my surprise it was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. The further we got out the less rough it was. Typical of Venice Fishing, unfortunately it is usually the opposite. Our first stop produced nada so we pushed on. Second stop, put the baits out and soaked them for about 5 minutes. We had a youngster on the boat so I was busy jigging trying to hook a small black or yellowfin to keep him busy. About mid-way thru reeling up the jig it looked like a bomb went off on top of the long bait, I didn't even have enough time to get out the words Holy S____ before the reel started screaming. With the magnum sized baits we were using, and the time of the year, I knew it would be a good one. I changed out the line on the 50's from 80 to 100lb. test because of the size of the tuna we get this time of the year. It payed off, although we went thru three anglers they were able to get a 157.3lb. yellowfin to the boat in about 1 hour. Should have had him a little earlier but this one knew how to stay right out of gaff range. After that the guys were pretty much whipped, probably could have called it day afterwards. We ended up getting one more 65lber. in the boat. Stopped at a little cobia hole and managed to put a 30lber. in the boat although the conditions for fishing cobia were horrible. The big tuna have moved in. I would expect the next couple of weeks to be excellent. We should start getting the big wahoo as well. We've got dates open, the weather has been great, a little windy some days, but not bad.

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