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Let me start out with the weather first. December brought us record rainfall and then in January we had temps. ranging from 20-35 for about the 1st 9 days of the month. That right there is enough to keep you at the dock instead of out on the water. As Tuesday approached this past week the temperatures were forecasted to come out of the high 30's and low 40's and reach 50. So, with a forecast like that and calm seas it was time to get out and see what was waiting for us in 2010. Let me just say it was the coldest I have ever fished offshore. My first trip out this year was on Tues. with the Michael Filip crew from New Mexico. This was their first time offshore and were mainly interested in bending a rod. Our first three stops resulted in Triple and Quadruple hook-ups on Jack Crevalle. What a surprise that was since I haven't caught a Jack Crevalle while trolling since around 1997. The Jacks moved into a very good Wahoo area and we couldn't get away from them. I have never seen or caught them before in this area but the crew had a good time catching them. Off we moved to another spot and tried our luck at Tuna but we couldn't escape the King Mackerel. They were about as stacked up as you could get, no shortage of Kings. Plan C was to finish out our day catching Amberjack which was no problem at all and then trying for some Wahoo which we had no luck at. Day Two for us we moved to a different area altogether but all we had to show for our effort was one A.J. Capt. Josh had the Pat Murphy crew down from Minnesota for two days and their catch was similar to ours except they did manage 1 wahoo about 76lbs. On their second day they shifted their effort to mainly rig fishing and ended up with 1 Cobia, Amberjack, and several Scamp Grouper. The fishing is about on the same track as last year from what it looks like. The bait moving offshore is an unbelievable site as you will see from the pics. In a couple of pictures taken by Capt. Josh you will be able to see the huge bait balls of Pogies moving offshore and the Kingfish taking advantage of them. There were Tuna and Wahoo in the mix as well but the kings were so thick there was not much of a chance to catch them. With this much bait offshore it is going to turn on any day now. The Wahoo are here but just don't seem to be a wide open bite yet. It is coming though, along with the monster size tuna that will show up also. We've got open days this upcoming week and January-March. Monday and Tuesdays forecast looks very good with Tuesdays being the best. The fishing should be excellent.

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